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Why the world needs another browser ?

Here is a story from Google, on why the world needs another browser ?. I am not convinced nor are several other users like me , who find no reason convincing enough to dump Firefox. I did a few comparisons on loading / rendering times of a few web sites and sure chrome is just a little faster but not noticably to millions of average users. Apart from that I also found chrome to break at few sites which IE / FF rendered fine.  The only thing for now chrome introduces, is the pain in the *!@  for developers who have to fix issues on chrome for apps they have already developed.
Sunny Santosh

Meet Gurbaksh Chahal

Gurbaksh Chahal is 25 , has'nt had a formal education , started out when he was 16 almost with nothing and is worth 340 million today. Every couple of years you hear a story that installs the beliefs that yes its possible  your dreams can come true but only you have the Gumption and steel nerves to execute your thoughts in to action.

At 16 he realized what he want to do , dropped out of school and started  ClickAgents, an advertising network focused on performance-based advertising. Two years later, on ClickAgents was sold for about 40 million.

His next venture in 2005 was called BlueLithium , which focussed on behavioural based advertising which he sold to Yahoo last year in an all cash deal for 300 Million. Along the way , he did also create 'MingleNow' a night-life focussed social networking site which yahoo shutdown after acquiring BlueLithium

"Financial rewards follow if you make the right decisions on where to exploit your passion and energy. Remember – just keep your ego at bay. Life’s all about execution, making the right choices, and focus…' -chahal

Sunny Santosh

Programmers you dont want..

Poisonous Programmers :- A nice read on the kind of programmers you DONT want on your project. Its also a nice one for people who want to earn themselves a reputation for being positive contributors to a project.

A nice snippet for people who dont have the time..

"No,'s actually time to debug, rewrite, or redesign your system, and your priorities should be to proceed in that order - not the reverse, as so many cowboy programmers prefer. "Oh, the program froze again. Can we take two years, with a team of 10, to do this right?" No! Too often people decide that a bug is unfixable without a rewrite just because they enjoy writing new code more than they do fixing old code. Unfortunately, these are just the types of people who should not be writing code at all. "


Sunny Santosh

Hello L.J, Welcome to Third Life.

Its been a while .. about close to 18 months of 18 hrs a day, 7 days a week of sheer rush, excitement, energy, toil ,sweat and blood, living life bit by bit on the edge , working on one of the coolest stuff that has a chance of making history. With my dwindling role in my current project moving forward ,Its time to emerge out of the adventurous trance which kept me blinded to the world and kept me away from myself.

Hello L.J, I missed ya. It feels nice to be back. Being back to L.J is like being back to myself. This blog gets a third Life. More posts coming up.
Sunny Santosh

The Pragmatic Programmer Vs The Passionate Programmer

"And programmers, as I quote Larry Constantine in my book, programmers are programmers because they like to code — given a choice between learning someone else’s code and just sitting down and writing their own, they will always do the latter"

Programmers Dont Like To Code - As misleading as it may sound, Jonathan Rentzsch tries to explain what he means by the statement.

I posted this link at my work place to see what my colleagues thought and Raj Madhuram a colleague , a frequent contributor to Eclipse, flamed Rentzsch's view.

Makes up for an interesting read. ...And my opinion thus...

Coding is a form of problem solving. There are people who get gratification out of problem solving; the mode and means of doing it may be different. If a code did not solve a problem, I doubt if any body would want to code. Any piece of code is supposed to solve a problem.

Write assembly code if only need be or else use Python if it gets yours or someone else’s job faster. After all, software is for making people’s lives easier. The faster the better.

Programmers don’t value a language by means of its libraries. Programmers choose languages based on their capability to solve a particular problem faster, a lot of it depends upon the libraries it supports in most number of cases if not in all the cases.

A programmer’s valuation is important to another. Software is a team effort and with out respecting the valuation of another programmer the Open Source would not have been able to harness the power of hundred’s of talented programmers. No SIP, no Firefox, maybe no Eclipse

Programmers do code for the heck of it and will rewrite code for the fun of it. As long as it is not at the expense of somebody that’s great. The ACM for instance. This is important bring out great programmers and nurture talent

Sunny Santosh

The P990i

I have been pondering over a lot over the next phone I should buy. My last phone a Blackberry was a company given perk that I had to leave with the company since I switched to a new job.
Loved the blackberry , great value for money.

I acquired the p990i. Have it for over a month now and love it. The wifi works, the push and pop email works , great pictures , good sound , nice video capabilities. No complaints so far and yes I the like QWERTY keyboard and think its a plus. A slightly old model now, but still the best Smart phone , I could find.

Sunny Santosh

TalkPlus Walks Its Talk !

Talkplus walks its talk with a kewl demo. Way Cool
TalkPlus Demo : Call to echo123 from a mobile without a Skype client

TalkPlus demo : Call to echo123 from a mobile without a Skype client
"TalkPlus demo : Call to echo123 from a mobile without a Skype client" on Google Video

"The video is uncut, no editing at all, including about five seconds in the beginning of Jeff Black, TalkPlus CEO and founder, warming up. The call is from an unaltered mobile phone. You will see the Jeff send a text message and automatically download a Java program. That app shows his Skype address book, and he clicks on Skype's echo123 acount. For those who don't know it, echo123 is one of Skype's first test accounts. It doesn't have a SkypeIn number, so you couldn't fake access by dialing a PSTN number that forwards to echo123. TalkPlus doesn't have any access to Skype's private SIP gateways. So this demo shows that TalkPlus customers can dial any Skype user by their Skype name. It also shows that TalkPlus has engineered a server without Skype components that talks to the Skype network as if it were a Skype client using Skype's own language. It will scale to thousands of simultaneous sessions. TalkPlus has no plans to license this technology or turn it into a product. They built it to solve their customers' need to talk with millions of Skype users. Jeff demonstrates that Skype's protocols have been reverse engineered, and proven demand for a "headless" or "naked" Skype server."
Sunny Santosh

AltME ! Secure your chat

If you fear that your network is being spooked , here is an secure alternative to yahoo and MSN . AltME offers secure, persistent, private chat and a colloboration suite of applications to go along with it. All encrypted and 100% secure.