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Since I have nothing great to post, So I thought I'd rather glorify an old hilarious post I found while rambling on VC++ 2010.

How Visual C++ 2010 failed at Hello World !

That being said , I love VC++ as a tool for building nimble applications. I hate it when they break backwards compatibility which they always do. There is still a large community still developing on VC++ 6.0 when its not even supported ,or downloadable legally on MSDN and more than 10 years old.

When what developers want are more widgets, what MSFT provides in its big bloated VC++ 2010 of over 2.3 gigs is improved support for Unicode. And then there is of-course the religion of  how standards compliant the compiler is , which I thing is slightly overrated. But why does'nt MSFT think about what kind of empowerment their new bloatware is going to provide to their loyalist VC6 developers.

We want more widgets and we want better profiling and want more utility API's. MSFT is failing at figuring out very simple things that keep developers happy .

Facebook killed my blog

Well almost. Apart from the Facebook factor , there has been a lot of turbulent changes in my personal life as a result of which I turned single again. Meanwhile as Facebook continues to extinguish blogs , this blog will be my humble attempt to keep the religion of blogging alive. Hail blogging !

Scoop Behind Dot Bomb 2.0

Here is a presentation that had me cracking in splits :-)) . Back since 2005 almost every web 2.0 startup had but one cliched statement to make :- "Google is making us an offer". And this VC company has the balls to tell the story as is. Highly recommended....

Happy Diwali 2008 !

Wishing all the indian geeks and technology companies a very happy diwali. May this diwali bring all the success to your technlogy interests and business ventures, notwithstanding the economic downturn.


Apparently google uses a tool called Mondrian developed by the creator of python for code reviews. This inspired the development of an open source web based code review tool, rietveld and its hosted on Google code projects. Compelling reason to try Google App Engine.

"In addition, I hope it will serve as a practical tool for the Python developer community, and hopefully for other open source communities. As I've learned over the last two years at Google, where I developed a similar tool named Mondrian, proper code review habits can really improve the quality of a code base, and good tools for code review will improve developers' life."
                             -----Guido van Rossum, Python creator and Google employee

Well Rietveld is based on Google App Engine and it can be hosted only on Google Servers ( Yuck !!).

Guido van Rossum was kind enough to correct me that there is a way to port Google Apps to pure Django. For those who still think its a lot of work ReviewBoard remains an alternative.

Interestingly why does google want  you to host your code on its servers , so that its easier for them to acquire you. They already have your source code !! and you cant fool them with your buzz words.

Walk2Web : Have Fun:

Have fun walking your blog , your site,  whatever ! .

Nuke Itunes - Switch to Winamp

Itunes hogs resources. Period. The only compelling reason to use it is my ipod. Now winamp has a plugin for ipod. I still use winamp 2.xx because of its small size. For the ipod support alone , it could be worthwhile to upgrade to winamp 5. Coming to think of it winamp 5 is still a lot heavier than its 2.xxx but lighter than all the other music players.

Iterestingly there is Songbird which is developed of  mozilla code base .IPod support other than on windows is a little broken. But has a ton of features and going by Firefox should'nt kill your laptop.

Huh  I was wrong. Check requirements.....Windows XP : 512 MB RAM , what the heck for ? Dump it.

A desktop App should use a plugin based architecture. Running basic app with bare minimum features should be cheap. If user wants to throw in the kitchen sink then his system deserves to be trashed. Coming to think of most of the apps developed today with the latest tools turn out heavy even if the app has nothing great to offer. And thats why VC 6.0 is still sweet, hell even GTK is lighter.  Check out Reaper with all the works still comparatively light.  Reaper screenshots : coolio.

Java gets fatter ?

Over the years, I have been a parallel user of Visual Studio and JDK since its 1.1 days. But looking at the last couple of releases , Java seems to be accumulating more FAT at a faster rate than any other SDK. Java does not need to compete with rediculous language features with any other language. Its plus is portability and that's where the argument stops. and dont they say 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. '

Fat Ugly Java

Why the world needs another browser ?

Here is a story from Google, on why the world needs another browser ?. I am not convinced nor are several other users like me , who find no reason convincing enough to dump Firefox. I did a few comparisons on loading / rendering times of a few web sites and sure chrome is just a little faster but not noticably to millions of average users. Apart from that I also found chrome to break at few sites which IE / FF rendered fine.  The only thing for now chrome introduces, is the pain in the *!@  for developers who have to fix issues on chrome for apps they have already developed.

Meet Gurbaksh Chahal

Gurbaksh Chahal is 25 , has'nt had a formal education , started out when he was 16 almost with nothing and is worth 340 million today. Every couple of years you hear a story that installs the beliefs that yes its possible  your dreams can come true but only you have the Gumption and steel nerves to execute your thoughts in to action.

At 16 he realized what he want to do , dropped out of school and started  ClickAgents, an advertising network focused on performance-based advertising. Two years later, on ClickAgents was sold for about 40 million.

His next venture in 2005 was called BlueLithium , which focussed on behavioural based advertising which he sold to Yahoo last year in an all cash deal for 300 Million. Along the way , he did also create 'MingleNow' a night-life focussed social networking site which yahoo shutdown after acquiring BlueLithium

"Financial rewards follow if you make the right decisions on where to exploit your passion and energy. Remember – just keep your ego at bay. Life’s all about execution, making the right choices, and focus…' -chahal