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GPS company closes 68 Million !

There are *so many* GPS companies in india. And when I looked at FleetMatics web site I was wondering what got them 68 million !??. Is it probably because they have 12,500 business running their software ?

To Wordpress Or Not to Wordpress ?

...And that is the question looming my mind , everytime I am on LJ

Yahoo shutsdown Delicious ??

I use multiple computers and use delicious to make sure I can access all my bookmarks. Just when I thought Thank God there is delicious, I hear this awfull news. WTF!!

QuickSort Algorithm

A nice video explaining one of the most efficient sorting algorithm...

OMG ! OMG !! GingerBread Nexus One

I so badly want it. Supposedly will be out in early Jan 2011. Time to budget for this one. The first slot is going to be sold out too soon. So I'll buy the next one. Cant wait, actually will need to wait since there is no budget for this one.

Missed Workout: Feel Gross

Subject says it all... :(

Train Hard To Beat The Blues

Some days are just bad days. The only way to beat them is to realize soon when you wake up and turn it around by hitting out in the Gym.

Chennai Traffic Theory

The city of chennai has had one of its heaviest rains this year in history. One never hears or believes about pouring non stop for a couple of days in chennai. And of course when ever there are rains , one also witnesses a bad traffic. The traffic increases manifolds once it starts raining. I wondered if there was a connection. Further even the slightest indication of a rain or dark clouds or slightest thunder creates traffic havoc. After wondering for a while , one such lightening struck my head. It apparently seems that , when ever there is a likelihood of rains, people get paranoid and pull out their cars on the roads who would otherwise be traveling by a two-wheeler. I too am one such paranoid person.

If everyone pulled out their car I wonder if there would be any space left even for the cars to move. And then there are corporations who come up with ideas that can least help the situation. Agreed the percentile ownership of cars in India is still extremely small, the infrastructure is not developing at a speed that can handle the increasing traffic. The situation in chennai is getting worse by the day since there are several cars sold every month and the government is still not doing enough to build flyovers and manage traffic. I have seen flyover development being stalled for years because a corrupt contractor is probably wanting to make money on an other project.

On the brighter side, I am happy for the Indian Automobile Industry for doing well.

Get rich by managing what you have !

Hell , you can really be broke if you are unemployed......
but sadly you can be broke even if you are employed......
hell, you can own a f***kin corporation and still go bankrupt  ... and that's badder than being broke.... . Its not how much you make. Its how smartly you manage of what you make. Now a days an individual starts earning before he learns about wealth management. And there is so much lure to get people in to debt that by the time he figures out he is submerged under debt and the rest of the life he is only making payments. You cant enjoy what you make today because you are still paying for what you enjoyed a while ago. You see a man looking prosperous, a nice car , a great house, but what you don't see his debt. His life is mortgaged and he is living life of credit. The syndrome that has affected the west is now affecting us and the young generation is falling prey to it. They want to live a luxurious life now and pay for it tomorrow. But there are uncertainties with tomorrow...

In order to think and act with freedom and bring your ideas to life , one must break free from the shackles of debt.