suntosh (suntosh) wrote,

whats Xten upto these days?

ineen the next killer P2P based Messaging application with Voice , Text and Video so says Erik. Or is it just eyeBeam with a new label. I dont understand this move of Xten one bit. Whoa , I have been working with eyebeam's SDK for the last 4 months and I dont recall it being P2P based. Is P2P another trendy hi-tech terminology which is being constantly abused by marketing wise cracks?.

Futrther more , Is Xten being threatened by skype and paltalk. On its site Xten is offering eyeBeam only on a pay basis ( commercial license.) On the other side , its put up a site called , that hosts ineen softphone , which is similar to the eyeBeam pixel by pixel in looks and features. whats happening .. ?

hhmmmmm now where are those few proposed drafts on SIP using P2P ??
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