suntosh (suntosh) wrote,

Burn baby Burn!!

Created a bootable Windows XP installation CD that streams the Service Pack 2 inatallation along with the Windows XP installtion. So with a single installation you have both WinXP,and SP 2 installed..umm...wicked!!

so its a three step procedure.

Create a folder D:\XPCD .. dump all the Windows XP installation files in there

copy your windows~SP2.exe to your hard disk

run windows~sp.exe /integrated:D:\XPCD

now..the ininstallation is ready..

Create an image file .img by using ISOBuster which is pretty simple .. you 'll need a bootable WinXP CD for that..

move the .imfg file to D:\XPCD and then ...burn baby burn!!
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