suntosh (suntosh) wrote,

Windows Installer XML

Yesterday I has a release of a small prototype of an application to my client. I decided to give a simple installer for the app.When I asked one of my engineers to create a setup for the app, he started his ordeal with InstallShield.Now for big application like web based or enterprise sized ones,using a setup made out of installshield makes sense, which gives you an option of setting a splash screen etc. However for small apps , using installshield appeared time and size expensive. I was looking for an easy installer solution when I found Wix .

Wix is cool;

"The Windows Installer XML (WiX) is a toolset for advanced Windows developers that builds Windows installation packages from XML source code"

Reminds you of the famous Ant make file like solution for Java.

Microsoft has released Wix to to open source.

To develop an installer you basically have to do three things...

create an XML with setup instructions, call it MyApp.wxs

Run candle.exe MyApp.wxs which gives you MApp.wxsobj

Run light.exe MyApp.wxsobj..

And bingo .. you get a neat msi
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