suntosh (suntosh) wrote,

3 weeks of Pyhton and 2 weeks of Perl

The entire last month , I spent writing scripts in Python and Perl. First started off with Python. I was just crackin my few lines of code and actually started to miss the "{}" braces but eventually fell for what it offered in return. My actual task was to extend an open source protocol testing framework to a new RFC. I had to read and come to terms with the existing code first. I was bowled over by the clean syntax and " to the point, can be done only this way" approach of the Python Language. Reading someone else's code was never this simple. And there was no way any one could write an ugly , cryptic and badly indented code , even if they wanted to. Well... at least they'd have to make an effort. So I said "Go Python" !!

Few days later, I had to execute a project in perl. This was an other data migration and reporting kind of a job. This was my first serious crack at the language as well. In perl .. there are a dozen ways to code an "if condition" as there are a dozen ways of doing every single thing in perl. Perl is a language where , a good coder can show his class where as a starter can write really bad code. Its not easy reading some body else's code let alone yours after a couple of months. But what perl offers is vast set of libraries. Perl's libraries have grown by leaps and bounds and offers a library for every reason. Perl also has known to be very scalable ... Hotmail and Amazon were developed in perl. Well I eventually screwed up the project partly because , "my junior programmer style of coding in perl" was unaccepted. But had this been in Python I might have pulled it off.

Conclusion: You cant ***k with perl if its not your cup of tea. With Python you can take chances. But Python still needs to catch up with perl, in terms of sophistication of libraries and Python is way slower than perl.
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