suntosh (suntosh) wrote,

Enter Paltalk

PalTalk is another in the line of IP phones. Provides with features like instant messaging, audio and video conferencing ( multiview), inter operates with yahoo, Aol and MSN. If this is'nt good enough , it gets a little better; it also allows file sharing among users. So has Xten got a thing to worry about.

I guess not yet......

IP phones like skype, paltalk and a dozen others that employ proprietory protocols will not be able to connect to PSTN lines unless and otherwise they use a standard protocol like SIP or
H323. Xten's market is not the normal PC users really, its main customer base are those big$$ telecom providers that have millions of users sitting behind them. These telecom providers dig standards and thats why one of the reasons why xten does not have to give away its phones for free.
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