suntosh (suntosh) wrote,

Soft Phones

So I am blogging after a long time. Some one asked me today- "Do you Blog? ". Just recollected that its been over a month since I last updated my blog. so thanks to him and here I go again ...

Xten is the leader in SIP based soft phones. What makes Xten's phone unique is that it supports audio along with video. Xten's phones claims to be the first SIP phone, to support video as well. On the other hand I see Skype , which is a free soft phone. All you gotta do is register at their site download the phone and start using it and the audio quality is awsome.. better than many soft phones out there. So what if its not standards based, it works great fo the end user. The common PC user is free from the hassles of configuring proxy servers , SIP....blah blah.. in his settings . He gets to talk to any one he wants to from the way go.
I am wondering if Xten knows about it and what do they have to say . Talking about messengers If you look at most of the Messengers out there, all use proprietory protocols and still have a huge chunk of the market.Well if the all used a standard protocol, then yes I would'nt have have a yahoo, a MSN Messenger and AOL messeger hogging serveral megs of memory on my desktop...

Is Eric reading this ?
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