suntosh (suntosh) wrote,

Chennai Traffic Theory

The city of chennai has had one of its heaviest rains this year in history. One never hears or believes about pouring non stop for a couple of days in chennai. And of course when ever there are rains , one also witnesses a bad traffic. The traffic increases manifolds once it starts raining. I wondered if there was a connection. Further even the slightest indication of a rain or dark clouds or slightest thunder creates traffic havoc. After wondering for a while , one such lightening struck my head. It apparently seems that , when ever there is a likelihood of rains, people get paranoid and pull out their cars on the roads who would otherwise be traveling by a two-wheeler. I too am one such paranoid person.

If everyone pulled out their car I wonder if there would be any space left even for the cars to move. And then there are corporations who come up with ideas that can least help the situation. Agreed the percentile ownership of cars in India is still extremely small, the infrastructure is not developing at a speed that can handle the increasing traffic. The situation in chennai is getting worse by the day since there are several cars sold every month and the government is still not doing enough to build flyovers and manage traffic. I have seen flyover development being stalled for years because a corrupt contractor is probably wanting to make money on an other project.

On the brighter side, I am happy for the Indian Automobile Industry for doing well.
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