suntosh (suntosh) wrote,

A leech called Credit Card.

If you are one of the guys who just draws his/her credit card faster than Quickgun Murugan draws his gun out at the drop of a hat then this entry is for you.

There are a few rules one should always follow to make sure that the interest you pay on your debt is not making a hole in your pocket.

Rule No 1. Never keep your outstanding credit on your Credit Card. The interest rate is the highest and it will bleed you.

Rule No 2. Never borrow on your credit card  for the same reason.

Rule No 3. If in case your Credit Card ended up having a big outstanding, beg , borrow , steal , but clear the debt as you may not realize that  your are paying a bomb as an interest on your outstanding.

Rule No 4. Learn to use Credit card for transactions wisely and to your advantage. Know your billing cycle and you will never pay a dime more.

Rule No 5. Credit card buying is only for a stop gap arrangement and not to a medium to incur more debt for sure.

Rule No 6. Well if you need to borrow and you just have nothing to pledge then go for a personal loan for maybe 24 months or more. It will be a tad lesser than CREDIT CARD.

If you can altogether do without one then DUMPing your Credit Card for good could be a wise idea. Debit cards are accepted everywhere nowadays.

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