December 8th, 2010

Sunny Santosh

Postgres gets Inbuilt Replication - Icing on the cake

For a couple of projects , I used postgres extensively. I like postgres a lot. Its a very robust database and even libpqxx client libraries have very neat error handling. I almost dumped it for mysql just beacuse mysql has inbuilt replication.

I gave Rubyrep a try and the initial tests results were very encouraging. For some reason I switched to the latest version of Postgres - 9.0 and what a surprise package it was.

Here is a small comparison between Postgres and Mysql replication.

I aint never going to Mysql ever. Postgres is the database for me.
Sunny Santosh

Sarcozy connection

As the media is all over sarcozy, the french president's visit here in India, I just found out the I shared the same birth day with him. What a sleaze ball to share a birth date with. hmmm.