November 9th, 2006

Sunny Santosh

Skype Vs Damaka

Skype 3.0 is out with some new featues.

On the other hand I just stumbled upon Damaka ( the product sounds indian and its developed by an indian team ). Their product says that its a peer-to-peer ,SIP based, standards compliant VoIP phone. The VoIP phone party just got too crowded. With being peer-to-peer and yet being standards compliant , this is the only product that could be seen as a serious competition to Skype. But with Sip P2P drafts being in its early stages, I wonder how they'v managed to do SIP over p2p or either I understand it wrong.

They recently added an IPTV feature to their endpoint. "A Multiparty , Video Conferencing , IPTV feature". I'd sure like to check it out.