October 31st, 2006

Sunny Santosh

Starting up ? Start Now !!

There is a lot of buzz happening in the startup scene. Everyone is buying domains , the VC's , enterpreneurs and that too at exorbidant prices. In a recent auction the following domains were sold.

Hell.com $1 Million (bid)
Sex.com $12 Million
Cameras.com $1.5 Million
sexeducation.com $120,000
For mobile companies there is a new extension called .mobi.

Here is an exerpt from venturewoods:
"VCs are everywhere! There are more VC firms in presence than aspiring entrepreneurs! This is of course great news for the local startup scene. VCs are lamenting on lack of quality entrpreneurship." So its now that this country can grow out of the outsourcing culture to startup culture. If you have that GREAT idea, its time to put it work before the party is over.

Quick execution is really the key to the success of a great idea.

So for the aspring enterpreneur, here are some tips:

Mobile and consumer internet remain dominant ares of interest in both VC and startup circles. Web 2.0 and KPO are the latest buzzwords. VOIP too is a buzz word but at least locally there is some time before it becomes mainstream.
Sunny Santosh

Slideshare.net : youtube in a different avatar

Slideshare is for powerpoint , what youtube is for videos. It lets you webify your powerpoint slides and also lets you link it or embed the whole slide in any web page in the form of a script as youtube would let you embed their videos. Slideshare might endup youtube's fate or otherwise - meaning WTF!! their UI looks like a direct copy of youtube..check it out

Feature wise they have plenty to catch up with. Example,I cant embed their slides in to my blog entry since Livejournal does not permit embedding scripts. This is however possible with youtube. The first thing they should be doing is link up with all the leading blog sites ( LJ, Wordpress blah blah) , as this would enable and therefore want millions of bloggers to webify their presentations.

Innovation wise , this is definately cool.
Sunny Santosh

Indian Search Engine gets 7 million

Offlately there been a lot of surge in the Indian search engine space and No, they are not there to compete with google or yahoo , their existence is for a slightly different purpose. One such search engine is Guruji , which secured 7 million in funding from sequoia.

Google/Yahoo crawl the entire web and then categorize the content as Indian or not. It still retains the non-Indian content in its database and that content is included in Indian search results but gets lower priority. What Guruji does is in sharp contrast to Google’s approach. It discovers the content while crawling, stores only the India related content and throws out the irrelevant (non-Indian) data. This technique allows Guruji to crawl more, go deeper and hence index more India related data. Read on to learn about the others