August 4th, 2004

Sunny Santosh

Emacs OR Vim

Allright !! I know this is not a fresh debate but its just that I happen to think about this when I just read someone saying - Vi is the best editor in the world . Well, how the heck he knows what do martians use ? . I have been a fanatic user of Emacs for a long while now, and can hack a little bit of lisp. The only complaint I have is that its a bit heavy when compared to other native UI's and though its highly custamizable , its not easy to do so.

Emacs JavaDevelopmentEnvironment is everything one could ask for Java development.

First of all, It has a great indenting engine with fully customizable syntax highlighting.
U can set your environment for any number of programming languages and change mode at a key.
Automatic code comment generation along with Javadocs.
Easy integration with Ant.

Additionally Whidbey is coming with support for Emacs emulation. , .... and many more.

Anyhow, I am willing to give a hand at Vi, but I need more reasons to do so. I was searching for something like JDE for Vi. I chanced upon Jindent. But its not free.
so I am still lookin..
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