July 27th, 2004

Sunny Santosh


Saw the movie Lakshya. I really liked the movie a lot; not because it was a great movie but more because I could relate 90% of the movie to my life. In the beginning hours of the movie it was just like my life history running live in front of me. I was espesially moved by the scene between Hrithik and his father when they have this emotional convo on the phone.It was very moving.

Having done considerably a lot in life from winning martial-arts championships to brief stints in movies to becoming a software Technical architect, I sometime wonder if I should write a book called "My Journey - From Taekwondo To Telecom" :). I chose software as a profession because I thought mind is the only thing in the body that grows stronger with age.( Needless to say there is more security with descent money in Software Profession).I really liked gymnastics and martial arts because it pushed my body to the extreme limits which gave me a rush. A rush that can keep you blinded for ever. But pushing your mind is a different kind of rush altogether. At 24 I know I could not push my body any further. With age your body only gets weaker but you can work on getting wiser.