May 19th, 2004

Sunny Santosh

VC++ Revisited

After being a core advocate of Java and J2ee for over three years I have had to move to a company that develops on microsoft technologies, call it destiny or fate. What inclined me to C was when I developed Win32/COM application that did some amazing stuff. Things I know are not possible in Java as along as you are working under the constraint of the JVM.
Coming to think of it I like VC coz the things it can do. As a develeoper one of the things that can really get you noticed is when you develop those nifty little desktop tools that users will find really handy and say wow this can help me at my work. And I think though Microsoft is not coming out with anymore of VC versions but I still think VC is here to stay since not every business user would have a JVM or CLR on his system. So long live Win32 and VC .