suntosh (suntosh) wrote,

DroidPro - one more blackberry wanna be.

Motorola launched the next version of their Droid series which is an Android based phone. From the looks of it , it seems like its trying to lure blackberry users.


They can put in a Qwerty  key pad but how do they match RIM's messaging  and email service. Blackberry enjoys its status owing to the fact that its truly a complete flawless communication device for the business and professional community. Another reason Android phones don't really score with me is that most of the phones suck so badly at battery life.

Even what's more amazing is that a lot of the student community has been adopting Blackberry. That being said , I still keep the finest phone made till date:- My Blackberry 9700. The IPhone is for the kids.

BB 9700

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