suntosh (suntosh) wrote,

How Visual C++ 2010 failed at Hello World !

Since I have nothing great to post, So I thought I'd rather glorify an old hilarious post I found while rambling on VC++ 2010.

How Visual C++ 2010 failed at Hello World !

That being said , I love VC++ as a tool for building nimble applications. I hate it when they break backwards compatibility which they always do. There is still a large community still developing on VC++ 6.0 when its not even supported ,or downloadable legally on MSDN and more than 10 years old.

When what developers want are more widgets, what MSFT provides in its big bloated VC++ 2010 of over 2.3 gigs is improved support for Unicode. And then there is of-course the religion of  how standards compliant the compiler is , which I thing is slightly overrated. But why does'nt MSFT think about what kind of empowerment their new bloatware is going to provide to their loyalist VC6 developers.

We want more widgets and we want better profiling and want more utility API's. MSFT is failing at figuring out very simple things that keep developers happy .

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