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Nuke Itunes - Switch to Winamp

Itunes hogs resources. Period. The only compelling reason to use it is my ipod. Now winamp has a plugin for ipod. I still use winamp 2.xx because of its small size. For the ipod support alone , it could be worthwhile to upgrade to winamp 5. Coming to think of it winamp 5 is still a lot heavier than its 2.xxx but lighter than all the other music players.

Iterestingly there is Songbird which is developed of  mozilla code base .IPod support other than on windows is a little broken. But has a ton of features and going by Firefox should'nt kill your laptop.

Huh  I was wrong. Check requirements.....Windows XP : 512 MB RAM , what the heck for ? Dump it.

A desktop App should use a plugin based architecture. Running basic app with bare minimum features should be cheap. If user wants to throw in the kitchen sink then his system deserves to be trashed. Coming to think of most of the apps developed today with the latest tools turn out heavy even if the app has nothing great to offer. And thats why VC 6.0 is still sweet, hell even GTK is lighter.  Check out Reaper with all the works still comparatively light.  Reaper screenshots : coolio.


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Oct. 3rd, 2008 11:49 pm (UTC)
I used to be a Winamp guy, back when I used to play music on my pc. When I bought the iPhone I thought iTunes sucks then I discovered I can evolve my playlist to make dynamic smartlists that you can set to not play the same music for up to how long you want, 2 weeks, 1 month etc... Nowadays I'm happy and now no song in my playlist ever plays twice for at least a month.
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