suntosh (suntosh) wrote,

Programmers you dont want..

Poisonous Programmers :- A nice read on the kind of programmers you DONT want on your project. Its also a nice one for people who want to earn themselves a reputation for being positive contributors to a project.

A nice snippet for people who dont have the time..

"No,'s actually time to debug, rewrite, or redesign your system, and your priorities should be to proceed in that order - not the reverse, as so many cowboy programmers prefer. "Oh, the program froze again. Can we take two years, with a team of 10, to do this right?" No! Too often people decide that a bug is unfixable without a rewrite just because they enjoy writing new code more than they do fixing old code. Unfortunately, these are just the types of people who should not be writing code at all. "


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