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The Pragmatic Programmer Vs The Passionate Programmer

"And programmers, as I quote Larry Constantine in my book, programmers are programmers because they like to code — given a choice between learning someone else’s code and just sitting down and writing their own, they will always do the latter"

Programmers Dont Like To Code - As misleading as it may sound, Jonathan Rentzsch tries to explain what he means by the statement.

I posted this link at my work place to see what my colleagues thought and Raj Madhuram a colleague , a frequent contributor to Eclipse, flamed Rentzsch's view.

Makes up for an interesting read. ...And my opinion thus...

Coding is a form of problem solving. There are people who get gratification out of problem solving; the mode and means of doing it may be different. If a code did not solve a problem, I doubt if any body would want to code. Any piece of code is supposed to solve a problem.

Write assembly code if only need be or else use Python if it gets yours or someone else’s job faster. After all, software is for making people’s lives easier. The faster the better.

Programmers don’t value a language by means of its libraries. Programmers choose languages based on their capability to solve a particular problem faster, a lot of it depends upon the libraries it supports in most number of cases if not in all the cases.

A programmer’s valuation is important to another. Software is a team effort and with out respecting the valuation of another programmer the Open Source would not have been able to harness the power of hundred’s of talented programmers. No SIP, no Firefox, maybe no Eclipse

Programmers do code for the heck of it and will rewrite code for the fun of it. As long as it is not at the expense of somebody that’s great. The ACM for instance. This is important bring out great programmers and nurture talent

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