suntosh (suntosh) wrote,

Startup recquires Stud !!! ??

Stud Programmer, Programming God , King Programmer : are the typical terminologies one encounters during his/her colleges days; describing any descent programmer. Ironically, many startups today use the same vocabulary to specify their recquirements. Here are some samples.

"Hot startup is looking for angel members with the following qualities.
You can talk Java/C++/Python 15.99 hrs a day and your colleagues consider you a stud hacker. You can dig undaunted into the most formidable code with nerves of steel and hack another digg over the weekend.

Sounds more like a recquirement for a porn movie.

"Wanted some one for Chief Technology Officer . Must be a technologist at heart and stud in contributing to technology."

Clearly shows the 'fresh out of college' mindsets of the founders. So are you that Fundu, Stud Programmer ??
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