suntosh (suntosh) wrote,

Indian Search Engine gets 7 million

Offlately there been a lot of surge in the Indian search engine space and No, they are not there to compete with google or yahoo , their existence is for a slightly different purpose. One such search engine is Guruji , which secured 7 million in funding from sequoia.

Google/Yahoo crawl the entire web and then categorize the content as Indian or not. It still retains the non-Indian content in its database and that content is included in Indian search results but gets lower priority. What Guruji does is in sharp contrast to Google’s approach. It discovers the content while crawling, stores only the India related content and throws out the irrelevant (non-Indian) data. This technique allows Guruji to crawl more, go deeper and hence index more India related data. Read on to learn about the others
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