suntosh (suntosh) wrote,
suntosh : youtube in a different avatar

Slideshare is for powerpoint , what youtube is for videos. It lets you webify your powerpoint slides and also lets you link it or embed the whole slide in any web page in the form of a script as youtube would let you embed their videos. Slideshare might endup youtube's fate or otherwise - meaning WTF!! their UI looks like a direct copy of youtube..check it out

Feature wise they have plenty to catch up with. Example,I cant embed their slides in to my blog entry since Livejournal does not permit embedding scripts. This is however possible with youtube. The first thing they should be doing is link up with all the leading blog sites ( LJ, Wordpress blah blah) , as this would enable and therefore want millions of bloggers to webify their presentations.

Innovation wise , this is definately cool.
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