suntosh (suntosh) wrote,

Jajah Watamba gets 10 Million users !

Plaxo with a user base of over 10 million needs no introduction. On the other hand jajah is a VOIP service providing company which just partnered with plaxo.

Jajah did have a skype like free phone which seems to have received quite a beating after being termed as a Skype killer. They now seemed to have emerged in a new avatar calling themselves 'Web Activated Telephony' - which is nothing new anyways. Jajah's 'Web to callback' is similar to 'SMS callback'.

anybody : Ahm, What is 'SMS Callback'?

Telco operators provide expensive long-distance rates to their users that do not allow these users to make low cost long distance and international calls. On the other hand, most GSM operators do not charge their users for inbound calls but charge high rates for all outbound calls even local calls. In countries that support government telecom monopoly, users do not have any low cost options for making long-distance calls because of the lack of call origination providers. VOIP service providers with their ability to make cheaper long distance calls offer a service where a person can make a long distance call by sending an 'SMS".

This is how it works . If A in India wants to call B in America , A sends an SMS to this VOIP service provider along with number of B . The VOIP service provider then makes two outbound calls one to A and another to B and then connects A to B. The charge would be a sum of a VOIP call to A + a VOIP call to B which is still much cheaper if A made a long distance call to B.

'Web to callback' is just that simple. The difference being you are provided with a web interface where you can enter your number and the callee's number. The back-end system would then set you both on a call.
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