suntosh (suntosh) wrote,

Tanenbaum wont giveup.

In a recent post on March 16 2006. Andy, states that he and linus are not enemies ( inspite of what went on between them as you can see in the previous post). His respect for Linus is evident but still refuses to give up and unleashes MINIX 3.

Will someone make him understand that "thory and proof of concepts" wont get him the acceptance of the tech community. Linux's popularity  as  a serious operating system has grown manifold  and Andy's still trying to get people to pay attention to his Minix. Though the point he is trying to make keeps changing.

Understandable that it will take a great deal of humility for a man like Andy to accept defeat, so lets atleast cheer at his sheer persistance. You have to give to him for his Never Say Die attitude. Ofcourse he has a lot at stake.

The Linux Vs Minix argument may be the next never ending argument after the 'Chicken and Egg" one.  But this blog will move on.....

This blog just switched to an paid account.
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